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USA: A Growth Market – Also for Intact


Besides Europe, Northern America is the most significant market for sustainable goods. To US consumers, who increasingly demand not just sustainability but also transparency and safety, standards and quality labels are of great importance. In order to fulfil their demands and guarantee the integrity of quality labels, a large number of standard setters as well as inspection and certification bodies in Northern America rely on the professional software solutions of Intact Systems from Austria.

A growing market for sustainable goods

In the past few years, a variety of independent surveys have shown that the Northern American market is experiencing an unprecedented boom when it comes to organic and ethical commodities, food safety and sustainability and, more generally, in the fields of quality management and accreditations. And there seems to be no end in sight for this trend. We have gathered the most relevant data for you in a separate article.

The practical effects of this development can be seen in the huge success of initiatives like the Non-GMO Project, which is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of GMO-free food products, for which an own Non-GMO Project standard and an independent label (Non-GMO Project Verified) have been developed. Click here to read the success story of Non-GMO Project.

We invest in the future

Northern America is an important core market for Intact as well, where we have recorded considerable growth rates for some years. It all began in 2005 with our first US customer who at the same time was our first customer outside Europe: ICS(International Certification Services) in Medina. More than ten years later, we can proudly claim that our software solution made in Austria has become an international export hit with an export rate of over 80%. Our great success in the USA prompted us to establish a branch office to better serve the Northern American market. Intact US, Inc. is headquartered in the beautiful city of Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, from where we offer customer support and customer care services to our American clients.

Today, we generate a quarter of our total annual turnover in the US, a result we aim to triple by the year 2020. Our American customers also benefit greatly from our success, since our team is continually expanding, as is our range of technical services. This year we have started to offer a US-based hosting service that is in accordance with all local data protection regulations. For detailed information about our new hosting services, please read the corresponding article. It features a comprehensive description of all novelties.

We are particularly proud that with the Washington State Departement of Agriculture (WSDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) we could already win two US government authorities as customers. With its Organic Food Program (OFP), the WSDA is responsible for the certification of 89% of all certified organic producers in Washington State and has recently implemented Ecert, our software solution for inspection and certification bodies. The USDA does not use Intact software, but has employed Intact as a consultant for the design and development of its Organic Integrity Database.

Great potential – great visions

Intact does not only possess the knowledge and software solutions necessary to meet the high requirements of the certification industry but also has a clear vision of what needs to be done to make the work of standard setters, scheme owners and inspection and certification bodies easier and more transparent. One key issue in this context will certainly be the linking of data from different systems in order to retrieve and analyze them in real time.

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