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Top 6 Food Safety Events 2017

Now is the perfect time to decide which food safety events you will attend in 2017. To get you started, we gathered the top conferences 2017 has to offer. And don't wait too long – most of them are early in the year.

Our list focuses on conferences that cover more than just food safety – for a good reason. The food industry is quite good in preventing foodborne illnesses already. Thus, the next steps have to lead us to a much broader understanding of food integrity. Food integrity has to go beyond hygiene and certification.

With this said, all conferences on this list at least touch the topics fraud prevention and/or risk-management. Both are essential when it comes to ensuring food integrity. For easy orientation, we sorted the list by date.

9th Food Safety Kongress 2017

February 21–22 | Berlin, Germany

The Food Safety Kongress in Berlin is Germany's leading food safety event. It covers not only traditional food safety topics but also industry and consumer trends. While day one focuses on risk management in the supply chain and food fraud, day two is dedicated to regional, vegan, and food safety news. Of course there are plenty of networking opportunities, too. The only drawback is that this conference is German only.

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The Global Food Safety Conference 2017

February 28–March 2 | Houston, TX, USA

The GFSI's Global Food Safety Conference is one of the industry's most renowned events and a 'must-attend' for every food safety professional. It brings together over 1,000 leading food safety specialists from over 50 countries. The leading theme in 2017 is "Leadership for Growth". What has this to do with food safety? Actually a lot as plenaries like "Turning the tables: Taking food safety from risk management to growth generator" will show. Of course, the conference also covers innovative technological tools that can help driving growth.

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Food Safety Summit 2017

May 8–11 | Rosemont, IL, USA

The Food Safety Summit is both conference and expo combined with interactive educational sessions. There, you will have the chance to learn from industry experts and exchange ideas with peers. And if you are looking for progressive solutions, you will certainly make a find in the Exhibit Hall. At the Summit's networking events you will even have the chance to talk to key stakeholders.

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FoodIntegrity 2017 Conference

May 10–11 | Parma, Italy

When we first looked at this conference in late 2016 there was practically no information available but an excellent Book of Abstracts from its 2016 edition—plenty to set high expectations for 2017. By now, the programme is set and available on the conference website linked below. Under the slogan Turning Science Into Solutions this outstanding conference focuses on latest research outputs on developments and strategies in the field of food integrity, including safety, quality, authenticity, and traceability. Among many other topics, the diverse programme covers, e.g., risk management strategies, food fraud mitigation, and global perspectives on food integrity.

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7th Food Sure Summit 2017

May 22–24 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Food Sure Summit in Amsterdam is a rather small but highly recommended event. It covers the whole spectrum of safety and quality in the food and beverage industry. From cutting edge research to practical implementation of solutions, process controls and risk assessments. And since even the best tools and processes don't help if they are not used and lived, the summit also provides advice on how to develop a safety and quality culture. What makes the event even more interesting is its high density of decision makers from leading industry stakeholders.

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7th European Food Safety & Standards Conference 2017

November 13–14 | Athens, Greece

The European Food Safety & Standards Conference is a rather traditional food safety conference covering latest research and its practical implications. In 2017 the conference is organized around the theme Adressing Current Issues & Fostering Advances in Food Safety. To date, detailed information about individual sessions is still lacking due to the submission phase still being open. However, the general topics of the sessions can be found on the conference website already.

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