Time & Cost Recording Module for Auditors

With the new Time & Cost Recording Module our audit and certification software Ecert now features a perfect module which simplifies the invoicing process for certification bodies and auditors. This module enables auditors to easily issue their invoices for the certification bodies – using predefined templates instead of time-consuming e-mail correspondence and drawing-up invoices in Word, Excel or other programs. The entire process can be carried out in a simple and well-structured manner using just one software.


How does it work in detail?

In his online portal the auditor has the possibility to settle his or her travel and entertainment expenses after the audit. The auditor can simply enter the incurred costs for predefined items – plane tickets, taxi, hired car, etc. – and afterwards upload the invoice for the respective amount with just one click. In a next step the fee for the audit can be added. The auditor simply selects the adequate audit. The responsible inspection body can define the different audit types as well as the fixed fees. The selected audit type will be added and subsequently the entire invoice including the expenses will be drawn up by Ecert.

The Time & Cost Recording Module blends in with the entire audit process. Optionally the auditor can only compelte an inspection order, if he draws up his invoice. During this process a pdf of the invoice is created in a fully automated fashion and transferred to the certification body. During the certification process the submitted invoice is once again checked by the certifier and subsequently cleared for settlement.


Additional features of this module

  • The individual items of the travel and entertainment expenses can be defined and adapted at any time
  • The auditors travel and entertainment expenses can be entered in different currencies
  • Facilitates the issuing of a total invoice as well as splitting up the items in travel expanses and entertainment allowance


The advantages at a glance:

  • Easy handling for the auditor thanks to predefined invoice items
  • Easy uploading of the invoices
  • Automatic generation of a pdf invoice and transfer to the certification body
  • Blends in ideally with the existing audit and certification process


Do you have any more questions regarding this module or do you want to see it in action? We are happy to show you all the details and are looking forward to your e-mail.

Auditoren Rechnung erstellen

Spesen Abrechnung von Auditoren


Die Auditoren Rechnung als PDF


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