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The Auditor Web Portal in Ecert

The most important thing during an audit is the subject matter under examination. A professional audit software allows you to fully concentrate on the essentials of your tasks, thus making your work life much easier. With the new Auditor Portal in Ecert Web, the entire audit workflow becomes faster, better structured and more precise.


Clear and efficient

Our software solution has been designed to facilitate the daily work of auditors and enable them to focus entirely on the execution of their audits. Therefore, we have placed a strong emphasis on the usability of our new Auditor Portal. With the comfortable navigation bar, all steps of the audit workflow are visible at all times. Color codes indicate the status of each step in the workflow, showing you whether it is completed, active or pending. This way, you can always keep track of the progress of all your audits.

Screenshot Mobile Audit Checklist in Ecert Web

User-friendly and flexible

With the new Auditor Portal, you can use either a notebook or a tablet to carry out your audits. To achieve this, we have replaced the checkboxes in the checklists with large checkbox-buttons optimized for touch navigation. Another useful novelty is the possibility to add comments and information about deviations or corrective actions directly to the checklist items in question. This is very comfortable and ensures smooth audit processes.


Screenshot: Touch enabled mobile checklist

Furthermore, you can now adapt your checklists to virtually any requirements using one of the numerous predesigned layouts. Decide for yourself how you wish to arrange and display the elements in your checklists. In case you have any special demands, we can create individual layouts specifically tailored to your needs.


Screenshot: Checklist - flexible layouts

Thought out to the smallest detail

The Auditor Portal provides a wide range of useful features that make your daily work easier. All drop-down menus have an auto-suggest function when searching for specific entries. Just type the first few letters of the name of the function you are looking for. All eligible entries are displayed immediately.


We have also improved our search function. It now offers full text search in addition to the longly implemented search for questions with specific answers or for questions that have not been answered yet.


This new search function goes hand in hand with the completely revised validation phase. A new filter shows you exactly in which steps in the workflow errors have occurred.


Validierung der Checkliste und des Audit Auftrages


Further information

Would you like to learn more about the new Auditor Portal? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will gladly familiarize you with all functions and new features.



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