Friedly Colleages are happy about the new Quotation Module in Ecert

The Quotation and Proposal Module for Ecert

Our audit and certification software Ecert was extended by a new quotation and proposal module – Ecert now covers the entire business process from the first quotation, the auditing and certification process to the final invoice. The module comprises several features which will allow you to keep your quotation process as simple and organized as possible. This will finally put an end to the time-consuming search for quotations, different versions or the quotation’s status.


Key features at a glance

The flexible quotation and proposal editor

The new quotation and proposal editor makes drawing up your quotations (nearly) as flexible as it is with Microsoft Word – at the same time, however, you will benefit from the advantages of a professional and well-structured quotation tool. Moreover, you can include any number of text fields and pricing tables in your quotations and proposals and easily change their order at a later stage. Make use of the already existing customer data and simply add it by means of the merge fields to your text fields or even to the quotation items. As a consequence, rigid quotes which do not fit in with your service portfolio will soon be a thing of the past.


Screenshot: Flexible Offer & Quotation Editor für Certification Orders

Screenshot: Quotation Search in Ecert


Quotation search

The module also comprises a comprehensive search tool which facilitates the search for quotations and proposals. One glance will show you not only the status of the quotation, the revision number, the amount, the validity date but also if the quotation has already been accepted and if there is a corresponding order.



In addition, the module also provides you with the possibility to compose quotation templates. This will allow you to save even more time when composing your quotes because everything from quite simple quotations up to really complex proposals with multiple items is possible. You can also compose individual articles in advance which can later be copied together as needed when drawing up a quotation.


Version management

The Quotation and Proposal Module also allows you to create different versions of a quotation. Revisions are filed automatically, thus, enabling you to always look at older versions and get a clear idea of the quotation composing process. Changes in your quotations can be carried out easily right up until the end of the quotation phase. If the quotation is accepted it can easily be turned into an order and later into an invoice. The invoice will be created based on the quotation in a partially or fully automatic manner. You can either charge the entire amount in one go or you can draw up partial invoices – the module facilitates both possibilities.



Moreover, the Quotation and Proposal Module enables you to check the progress of your quotations and proposals. It facilitates an easy review of the development of your quotations – the number of revisions, processing time, etc. Moreover, you can find out where you need to improve things or why your quotes occasionally “get stuck“.




  • Flexible quotation and proposal editor
  • Quick search tool as well as evaluation of the quotation status
  • Templates can easily be created
  • Different versions of a quotation are automatically filed



This new module will enable you to handle your quotation process in a truly simple and efficient manner. Are you interested or do you have any further input for us? We are looking forward to receiving your e-mail.


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