Integrity Management System of  Berglandmilch Molkerei

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Thanks to a multitude of products and brands consumers today have an almost unlimited choice and, apart from the prize, it is particularly the quality and image of a brand which is decisive. Consumers are generally willing to pay more and they also shop more consciously. However, the brand has to offer a certain quality which is both consistent and reliable. As a consequence, keeping the brand promises, providing consistent quality and avoiding scandals are important steps in order to gain a competitive edge and tie consumers to a brand.


Berglandmilch and the Integrity Management Database


Berglandmilch is Austria‘s largest company in the agricultural sector. About 13,000 farmers deliver the most different types of milk to Berglandmilch. The different standards as well as the communication with several inspection bodies are handled by means of the Integrity Management Database and documented in detail. As a consequence, Berglandmilch always has the daily updated data of their suppliers available.


Data quality and security is of utmost importance for Berglandmilch. In order to ensure and improve this availability, Berglandmilch has decided to employ an Integrity Management Database (


How does the system which Berglandmilch uses work in detail?

Right after the inspection at the farm, the inspection and certification bodies transfer the corresponding data as well as the certification status of the farm to the Integrity Management Database. Every time, before the milk is being collected and the routes are planned, the current status of the farm is checked through the database and only if the certification is valid the farm is considered for collection in the route planning.

Integrity Management Database Berglandmilch


The advantages at a glance:


1. Minimized risks thanks to live up-dates regarding approved and revoked valid certifications and detailed information on

  • Which products were certified with which status?
  • For how long is the certification valid?
  • When did the certification take place?


2. Ideal protection during the collection of the commodity


3. Time saving since the certificates no longer need to be handled manually


The Integrity Management Database provides Berglandmilch with a top-quality integrity management. In addition, this database significantly reduces the risks and supports Bergland in keeping their promises towards the consumers. Do you want to find out more about the Integrity Management Database? We are looking forward to receiving your e-mail.



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