Intact Is Nominated for the USA-Biz-Award 2018

Nominated for the USA-Biz-Award 2018

For the 8th time already, the Außenwirtschaft Austria awards the prestigious USA-Biz-Award for Austrian companies that left a lasting impact on the highly competitive American market. Intact GmbH is very honored to announce that it is among the three nominated companies in the category "Market Footprint".


Intact's Success Story in the USA

It is the first time that Intact GmbH applied for the USA-Biz-Award—and we already got nominated in the category "Market Footprint". This truly is a remarkable achievement. What tipped the balance in our favor to be nominated was Intact's extraordinary economic performance within the United States of America within the past year.

Since entering the US market in 2005, Intact established itself in the field of organic certification as the leading provider for software for audit and certification management. By numbers, this means more than 50% of all organic audits and organic certifications in the USA are handled with software by Intact. After winning the first US customer in 2005—International Certification Servicesmore certification bodies followed, among them California Certified Organic Farmers and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. Soon, Intact also won standard setters like KAMUT and the Non-GMO Project (the fastest growing seal of approval in the USA).

Based on this widespread distribution in the US organic sector and Intact's great reputation, the breakthrough cam in 2015. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) identified Intact as the only company capable of supporting the development of an organic integrity database. For this reason, the USDA filed a 'sole source justification' to make Intact a Federal Vendor, which is the prerequisite for any business relationship with the US government. The project started so successfully that it won a USDA Secretary's Honor Award in 2016.

USDA Secretary's Honor Award

Virtually at the same time the contract with the USDA was signed, Intact was also granted the status of a State Vendor by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). Since then, WSDA has been using Intact's software solutions for its organic certification program, which certifies 89% of all organic products in Washington State.

Again, Intact celebrated its latest success with the USDA, which has been using Intact's software solutions since 2016 in its role as standard setter (National Organic Program) and as accreditation authority for all US organic certification bodies.

Alongside Europe, the USA is the most important market for Intact, which is why major investments are planned for the coming years in order to not only consolidate but also expand the dominant market position. As in Europe, new market segments beyond the organic and food industry are to be developed in the USA.


And the Nominees Are... the "Market Footprint" category—alongside the Intact GmbH—the highly respected and extremely successful companies Anton Paar GmbH from Styria and HIRSCH Maschinenbau GmbH from Carinthia. It can therefore be said that the South of Austria has left a lasting impression in the USA. 

Next Stop—Los Angeles

We would be delighted to receive the USA-Biz-Award 2018, known in Austria as "WirtschaftsOskar", at the ceremony on March 4th in Los Angeles. But we are also proud of the nomination, which in itself is a wonderful success, which demonstrates the esteem and importance we have earned with our economic achievements in the USA.


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