The new Corporate Identity!


Past scandals and cases of fraud have raised customers’ awareness. Thus, information about the origins of a product and its course of production as well as the monitoring of its compliance with quality and safety standards are becoming increasingly important. With “Integrity Management Solutions” we offer THE solution for premium quality products and services that goes way beyond the food sector. In order to communicate these competences more clearly we have revised and sharpened our public image.


According to the slogan ‘Do things in a big way’, we have not just invented a new logo but linked the brand INTACT to distinct guiding values: ‘Simple and professional’ – ‘Honest and fair’ – ‘Sociable and connecting’. They characterize INTACT and its entire team, whose members embody these values in their daily work.


There’s more behind the new corporate identity!

Our competences have been visualized in our new logo. To achieve this, the individual steps of the value chain were replaced by the letters in our name. The connection between these individual steps, which was represented by underscores, remained. On our new website you can follow the transition from the representation of the value chain to the final logo by way of an interactive graphic.



Von der Wertschöpfungskette zum Logo


Further News

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