Data Security at Intact Systems

IT Security Update at Intact's Headquarters

At a company, committed to keep its software at the latest level of technical development, it is inevitable to also keep ones own hardware up to date and stifle security concerns in the bud. For that reason, we spent the last weeks to optimize the IT infrastructure at Intact Systems' headquarters in Lebring.


A Modernized and Optimized IT Infrastructure

In the past 16 years, we have seen a lot of changes at our headquarters in Lebring. We have grown and steadily increased our office space, we have hired new staff to strengthen our team, and we have kept our hardware up to date, too, of course. By now, however, our company has reached a size that made us think about rebuilding our entire IT infrastructure from scratch and optimize it not only for our current but also future requirements. After months of intense planing, our technicians have worked tirelessly for days and weeks (and weekends) to finally present us with our new IT infrastructure—without ever interrupting our daily work.

Network and Server Room

The centerpiece of our optimized IT infrastructure is the new server room, which satisfies our increased demands both with its structural condition and technical features. In the course of renewing our server room, we also brought our LAN network up to the state of the art.

We now have a network that is self-sufficient, functionally closed, and meets the highest security requirements. In times of ever more cyber threats, this clearly is an investment in the future, which is already noticeable today.


New EU General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25, 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will be effective—and Intact is ready for it! The safe handling of our customer's data has always been a priority. With the EU General Data Protection Regulation, it will necessarily become a cornerstone of IT safety in the entire European Union. We highly value the guidelines provided by this regulation and can assure our customers to be be fully compliant from day one. Our IT security experts started early to review our systems with respect to the new legal situation and adapted them wherever necessary.


Data Security

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