The ISEAL Alliance Global Sustainability Standards Conference 2017 in Zurich — With Intact You Get All Highlights at a Glance

The ISEAL Alliance's Global Sustainability Standards Conference 2017

This year's 8th installment of the ISEAL Alliance's Global Sustainability Standards Conference will take place in Zurich, Switzerland. It will focus on the future of trust, raising the question of how standards and certification systems can rise to the challenges of doing more while maintaining their credibility? Expect to see a bunch of new technologies and initiatives, which aim to meet the ever higher expectations from consumers as well as producers and retailers?


Evolving Standards to the next Level – and Solutions to Support It

More than 400 delegates—senior professionals working in businesses, NGOs, government and academia—will attend the Global Sustainability Standards Conference 2017 to discuss how standards can but also have to evolve to be fit for future and ever more challenging global markets. The conference will cover a broad range of topics, issues, and case studies including different ways of collaboration, new sourcing methods, biodiversity and deforestation, sustainable development goals, forced and bonded labour, and—of course—data and technology.

Data and technology are key success factors when it comes to managing standards and improving audit processes. Advanced technologies allow you to manage and link huge amounts of data in real time. One of the biggest challenges to date is to link or consolidate data between different systems. Another one is the analysis and interpretation of data, with predictive analytics being the future of how we approach audit management. 


Intact Systems Will Host a Topic Table Together with Its Partners to Present Pantegrity

Join us when we—Intact Systems, Book&Claim and Global Traceability Solutions—illuminate the pivotal role of advanced software solutions and present Pantegrity, a unique modular approach that helps standards to evolve to the next level. Pantegrity comes with all the tools and features needed to efficiently manage any standard and increase its impact: from basic standards & licencee management to advanced risk analyses and benchmarks, from supply chain traceability to offset certificates & credit trading. And the best thing is: with our unique Integrity Hub, maintaining data in different systems is a thing of the past. To learn more, read this article written by our colleague Georg Karner.


The Most Interesting Talks & Discussions at the ISEAL GSSC 2017

Plenary Discussion about Food Supply Chain

27.06.2017 | 15:30 – 18:00
Interview: Towards a living income: standards, governments and businesses working together

Don Seville, Co-Director, Sustainable Food Lab
Piera Waibel, Head Raw Materials & Sustainability, Lindt & Sprüngli (International) AG and Managing Director, Lindt Cocoa Foundation
Gerd Fleischer,  GIZ
Noura Hanna, Monitoring and Evaluations Officer, UTZ

BREAKOUT SESSION: New sourcing models: A conversation with the gold sector

28.06.2017 | 11:15 – 12:30

The Better Gold Initiative is moving ahead with significant commitments, high level dialogue, and new sourcing models in the mining sector to be able to reach more small scale and vulnerable mines.  We'll hear from a Swiss refinery and jewellery end-buyer as well as some of the leading standards schemes including Fairtrade, Fairmined/ARM and Responsible Jewellery Council, as well as the Better Gold Initiative, about how new approaches are being tested and how a public-private-partnership is working to ensure independent due diligence and continuous improvement in this important and challenging sector. (Panel)

Anne-Marie Fleury, Director of Standards and Impacts, Responsible Jewellery Council
Yves Bertran, Executive Director, Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)Markus Staub, Senior Project Manager International Cooperation, Fairtrade Max Havelaar
Simone Knobloch, Chief Operating Officer, Valcambi sa
Diana Culillas, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Chopard Group
Olivier Demierre, Board Member, Swiss Better Gold Association (respondent)
Moderator: Monica Rubiolo, Head of Division, Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

BREAKOUT SESSION: Reimagining the standards-systems model in Agriculture Value Chains: Producer Centric Models

29.06.2017 | 11:00 – 12:30

Standards originally emerged as innovate market-based approaches more than ten years back. Can we imagine a completely new model for how standards systems operate to continue to innovate? What would be different if our models were turned around to put the certified operator first and realign priorities? How can we build models and deliver impact for everybody involved in our systems using a producer centric model? Join us for a thought provoking session on how we can all reimagine our standards models to be more effective and impactful. This live community café, will be led by a few 'provocateurs' from within our community who will inspire and challenge us with some visions of how our systems can be radically different. The participants will then have a chance to respond to and debate these ideas in the café-style discussion that will follow. (World Cafe)

Aimee Rusillo, Managing Partner, Liseed Consulting
Don Seville, Co-Director, Sustainable Food Lab
Andre de Freitas, Executive Director, SAN
Moderator: Kristin Komives, Impacts Director, ISEAL Alliance

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