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Internships at Intact Systems

Throughout July, we are lucky to have two young and very motivated interns at our company. The two students from HTBLA Kaindorf, Philipp Leindl and Matthias Franz, have done a great job as software developers so far and contributed a lot to one of our projects.


Here to Study and Learn from the Best

Until the end of July 2017, Philipp and Matthias are working on putting our existing "Public Certificate Search" on a new technological basis for testing purposes. They work closely with our software development department and thus play an active part in evolving our software solutions to the next level. At the same time they benefit from our colleagues' longstanding experience in a challenging development environment.

The knowledge Philipp and Matthias gathered during their excellent education at  HTLBA Kaindorf gave us a great base to build on. They are both in 11th grade and will graduate school in two years. After graduating, Philipp plans to go to university whereas Matthias prefers to start a job right away (after all the the years of studying at school). For both of them the internship at Intact Systems is a wonderful addition to the subject matters they learn at school. During their internship they are learning the handling of ASP.net, which is—with a market share of more than 16%—the second most often used programming language in the field of websites.

In the inteviews we conducted with them at the beginning of their internship, Philipp and Matthias also told us a little bit about their leisure activities and career planning. We learned that Philipp is an active member of the "European Youth Parliament" (eyp.org) and also plays the tuba. Matthias is an avid developer and also likes to swim a few lanes in the pool whenever he has time to do so. 

You can read the interviews with both of our interns at our Facebook Page or by simply clicking here: Philipp, Matthias.

Picture: Our intern Matthias Franz from HTBLA Kaindorf, Class 3AHIF

Our intern Matthias Franz from HTBLA Kaindorf, Class 3AHIF

Picture: Our intern Philipp Leindl from HTBLA Kaindorf, Class 3CHIF

Our intern Philipp Leindl from HTBLA Kaindorf, Class 3CHIF


Intact starts the Intern Initiative! In the years to come, we will keep hiring interns to give them the opportunity to gain work experience in our company.



Intact Systems Is Offering Internships for Next Year!

Are you interested? Then go ahead and impress us with your application documents!

Please send your resume and application form via E-Mail to:
Intact GmbH
z.H. Fr. Verena Plesch
Parkring 6 | 8403 Lebring | Austria

Subject Line: Bewerbung Praktikum

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