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Integrity Management Solutions

The next generation of product safety

The requirements for certification standards regarding quality, traceability and product safety present considerable challenges to the food sector. The food sector, for its part, legitimately wants to know how it is supposed to obtain, link and keep all the information accumulated for this purpose up to date. It goes without saying that the relevant processes must be efficient and manageable without any extra efforts.


Gaining customer confidence

This calls for a comprehensive solution covering all processes involved. Intact has summarized this solution under the nameIntegrity Management Solutions. Integrity management is particularly sought after when it comes to brand protection, risk assessment, product quality assurance or the prevention of counterfeiting. Thus, the focus of such integrated solutions is set on winning and maintaining consumers’ confidence in the products that are manufactured and sold. It is primarily the task of management and quality assurance to guarantee that this goal is achieved. They have to ensure that all steps in the production chain are carried out in such a way that the advertised quality is delivered. In order to exercise this responsibility, a multi-step process is needed. This process is ideally followed step by step.


By now, almost all food producers are collecting the certificates of their suppliers and conducting supplier audits but still lack a suitable centralized system for monitoring the measures and deadlines resulting from these audits. In some cases, it is possible to map this kind of information in the existing ERP system, but this strategy only works if the supplier audit and certification data are limited to direct suppliers. In practical application it has been proven that this solution is not always satisfactory. For an effective supply chain management it is often necessary to go one step further and link the entire value chain from the origins of the raw materials to the final product. At that point it becomes clear that an ERP system does not provide the necessary functions such as gapless solutions that illustrate the entire network.


Such solutions allow the monitoring of quantity plausibility along the value chain via interfaces between purchase / sales and ERP system. Many international enterprises like Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or the Italian Federbio already use such integrity platforms to monitor their value chains.


Total transparency and quality assurance

When total transparency and comprehensive quality assurance are required, the next step is to achieve exact batch traceability of an end product that encompasses the entire production process, starting with the raw materials used and their production quality. Here we are dealing with the premium segment of integrity management and the possibility to ensure absolute quality control over the goods produced.

How software solutions can help to meet these challenges in an efficient manner is demonstrated by various initiatives likeCheck Organic, the Federbio Integrity Plattform or the Easy-Cert database.


Further information

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information. We would be glad to join forces with you and elaborate future-oriented solutions for food companies. 



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