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Intact visits #LetsCluster Summit in Graz, Austria

The #LetsCluster Summit of the Silicon Alps Cluster is an ideal B2B matchmaking opportunity to get into a conversation with like-minded people from the high-tech sector and to exchange ideas about the possibilities offered in the south of Austria. The three-day event will take place from 25 to 27 March 2019 at the Messe Congress Graz and will focus primarily on Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cyber Security and Smart Living.


Intact's Experts Are There Too

The #LetsCluster Summit in Graz offers the opportunity to meet with the Intact team and talk about the latest technological developments. You are welcome to schedule an appointment in advance to talk to our Head of Development, Rudi Rauch, about the possibilities with which Intact software solutions can influence the lives of people in the future. Technology expert Georg Karner, Head of Marketing at Intact, will also be there to share his expertise in areas such as blockchain.

The Intact team will attend the #LetsCluster Summit on 26 March and looks forward to meeting many colleagues from the region and networking with them across industries.

Rudi Rauch
Head of Development, Intact
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Georg Karner
Head of Marketing, Intact
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What to Expect at the #Letscluster Summit

At the #LetsCluster Summit, visitors can expect presentations from renowned experts from a wide range of fields. Among others, Professor Stephan Weiss from the University of Klagenfurt will be there to give a speech. Prof. Weiss heads the Institute for Smart System Technologies and has, for example, developed algorithms that will get the NASA Mars Helicopter Scout Project off the ground. His talk will focus on drones that communicate in an autonomous network using algorithms and can perform complex tasks together. These tasks range from cartography and the monitoring of agricultural areas to targeted fire-fighting.

The speech by Bruce Bateman, the CTO of LiteOn, is also recommended to the visitors. Bruce Bateman has been involved with Smart City Planning and Smart Technologies for years. He supports urban planners in recognizing and utilizing the social and financial benefits of using appropriate advanced technologies. The point is not the technology itself, it's solving a problem before it arises.

These examples show the broad spectrum of the #LetsCluster Summit. A complete overview of all the speakers can be found on the event's website. Starting from there you can also put together your individual program.


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