Intact Systems at the ISEAL Conference 2016 in Washington, DC

Intact Systems at the ISEAL Conference 2016 in Washington, DC

From 10–12 May 2016, the ISEAL Global Sustainability Standards Conference united more than 200 standard setters, certification bodies and industry experts in Washington, DC, where they explored the role of standards in the context of promoting social and ecological sustainability.


“Growing Impacts: Innovation and Evolution”

Under the motto “Growing Impacts: Innovation and Evolution” this year’s conference was dedicated to the benefits that standard systems gain from technological achievements and innovative software solutions. Special attention was paid to the numerous possibilities of collaboration and data linking. They help to enhance the positive influence as well as the social and ecological impact of standards.


Maintain credibility – create safety

Another core concern of the conference was the credibility of standard systems. Especially standards that are gradually expanding and covering more and more segments and products are increasingly facing challenges maintaining their credibility and hence consumers’ trust. The smart use of cutting-edge technology combined with efficient software solutions can help to ensure both maximum safety and transparency.

A question closely related to this issue is how small and micro businesses can obtain a certification in a sensible and above all affordable manner. The breakout session entitled “Business Case for Certification for Small Producers” addressed this issue and discussed various experiences, approaches and strategies. To see what else the ISEAL Conference had to offer, please have a look at the detailed conference program.


Smart solutions for more sustainability and safety

We are very pleased that the ISEAL Alliance used the Global Sustainability Standards Conference 2016 to highlight the importance of specialized software solutions and their smooth integration for the accurate and efficient work of standard setters and certification bodies. With our Ecert software, we have been pioneers in this field for many years, offering sophisticated database solutions for standard setters as well as audit management systems for certification bodies. In the field of smallholder certification, however, the number one choice is the Group Integrity software, which is based on Ecert.


Numerous ISEAL members already rely on Intact’s tailor-made software and database solutions to boost the integrity and transparency of their standards and certification services. You certainly know some of them, such as




Photo: Britta Wyss Bisang from UTZ speaking at ISEAL Conference 2016
“We don’t want to be a little more honest but we want to be radical honest!”, said Britta Wyss Bisang from UTZ.
Photo: Fish bowl debate about small holder producer certification at ISEAL Conference 2016.
Fish bowl debate about small holder producer certification.

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