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Intact Launches Integrity Blog

Free according to the motto "Good things come to those who wait", we can proudly announce the launch of our corporate blog. The "Integrity Blog" focuses on topics such as food safety, audit management, (new) technologies, organic foods, sustainability and everything connected to these fields.


What the Blog Should Do

The blog's goal is to be the first place to turn to when in need of new information about the above mentioned topics. Throughout the years we were able to build up a great expert network in a variety of fields and are now able to share important information concentrated via this very platform. The Integrity Blog should help the inclined reader to easier understand complicated topics and subject areas that are sometimes hard to grasp. This doesn't mean by any stretch that the offered content is only an easy to digest read, our authors will, for instance, publish series of articles to dive deeper into certain complex issues. This will be done in order to sequentially widen our readers horizon in the specific field.

As of now, there are articles on the Integrity Blog dealing with Top 10 Food Safety Events 2018, the new EU Data Protection Regulations and its concrete impact on businesses, also there is a very fine read about how decisions are in audit management are made in regards to statistical parameters. This, of course isn't everything there is to see and we are planning to release new articles weekly to provide fresh content to our readers.

Writing for the Integrity Blog

We Invite Everyone to Participate

Communication isn't a one-way street, as it was seen in the classic Shannon-Weaver model of communication, which, basically, describes communication as transferring information from one part (sender) to another (receiver). No, nowadays communication is mutual and allows feedback, a digital conversation if you like. That is the reason why we enabled a comments function on our blog. We wanted to give our readers the opportunity to have an exchange of ideas with our authors and to ask them questions related to the article. It should however be noted that comments on the Integrity Blog will be checked in regards to their integrity. We won't let users publish anything, especially not content that includes hate speech or social reprehensible opinions.

Our team is constantly looking for thrilling new topics and matching experts. Get in touch with us via to tell us about your idea(s) and your background. We love to offer a platform to proof your expertise and to write about topics you feel strongly about.

In addition to this specialist presentation, Intact is also going to present Intact Analytics—an innovative solution, which will help you to use your data to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and secure a competitive advantage with additional offers—at booth no. 9.


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