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Intact in 2017 – We Keep Growing!

The year 2017 is about to come to an end and so it is time for us to take a look back at what has happened here at Intact. So far, we are very satisfied with what we have achieved. We have not only won several prominent customers in the fields of standard setters and certification bodies, but we have also been able to considerably grow our workforce and further increase our company's diversity.


We Invest in People

In the course of this year, almost all of our departments have been able to increase the number of employees. In total, our staff count has grown by more than 16% in 2017. This allows us to take on more tasks and customer projects than ever before—a strong signal to underline our company's positive future prospects.

The department in which we have seen the strongest growth—a staggering 30% growth rate, measured against the overall growth—is our Software Development Department. In this area, in particular, growth is of essential importance to us since the advancement and further development of our software solution Ecert is nothing less than our company's core process. With our strong and very skilled software development team, we continue to meet our customers' requirements in a competent, innovative and proactive fashion.

Our other new colleagues are distributed homogeneously over most of the remaining departments, such as IT Operations, Marketing, Project Management, Support, and IT Infrastructure & Hosting. We are especially happy about the growth of our company headquarters in Lebring, which allows us to strengthen our position as one of the major software companies in the area.

Intact works as a Team!


We Live Diversity

Being a global player with an export share of more than 90%, a diverse workforce and company culture is crucial to our business success. Thus, we are very happy to report that, by now, we employ people from seven different countries—including Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States. One could say that—in the style of Karl V—in Intact's business world the sun never sets.

However, the number we are proud of the most is the ratio between women and men here at Intact Systems. Today, 40% of our employees are women. This is a big success already on the way to our self-set goal of a 50:50 ratio over all business units, which we hope to achieve within the next few years to strengthen our forerunner position in that field.

Women are playing an essential part in our society and should be just as important in any company structure. Surely, this is a much harder goal to achieve if you are in the IT industry compared to other, less male-dominated sectors, but our greatly qualified and motivated female colleagues give us cause to be very optimistic about reaching this goal.


Intact Lives Diversity

Another very important aspect for us, which is already part of our everyday working life, is to provide an accessible working space. We took all necessary precautions to ease integration—beginning with the infrastructure, but also in terms of flexible working hours and home office options. We feel fortunate to already have colleagues at our company for whom working at Intact Systems and contributing to our company's success was made possible because of these arrangements.


We Keep Growing

2017 is not over yet and we are still looking for people to fill some vacancies at Intact Systems. Right now, we are looking for colleagues to take on the following jobs:

We are looking forward to receiving your application in our mailbox!


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