Photo: Global Sustainability Standards Conference

Intact Attends ISEAL's 2018 Global Sustainability Standards Conference

The ISEAL Alliance's Global Sustainability Standards Conference is the leading annual event for those who support the uptake of credible sustainability standards and certification. As every year, Intact will also take part in the 2018 conference in Saõ Paolo from May 22–24. This time, Jochen Kleboth—the mastermind behind Intact Analytics—is going to share his data science expertise in a hands-on workshop at the ISEAL Community Day.


Driving Change for Greater Impact

The 2018 Global Sustainability Standards Conference (GSSC) will bring together 250 senior figures to explore the theme of 'driving change for greater impact' with a deep look into how sustainability standards can work best for the people, places, and issues that matter most.

During last year's conference, which focused a lot on how standards can prove their impact, the community expressed the need to focus more on producers and small businesses globally. Nyagoy Nyong'o from Fairtrade Africa, e.g., pointed out that standards have to foster the inclusion of the weakest players in the supply chain and also should avoid to get stuck in a western-centric paradigma. To learn more, check out this comprehensive review of the 2017 GSSC.

ISEAL has taken this to heart and dedicated the 2018 GSSC to amplifying producer and SME voices. In Saõ Paolo, ISEAL will delve into the results of its recent research on the needs of small producers and enterprises as well as in-depth case studies to discover how standards systems and collaborations can be strengthened to ensure that they work for those at the start of the supply chain.


Community Day: Using Data to Create Value and Improve Effectiveness

The third conference day, May 24, is exclusive to the ISEAL Community and brings together members and subscribers to discuss what it means for sustainability standards to deliver greater impact and be more responsive and agile based on outcome-based approaches. Measuring the results is crucial to understanding what is working and what is not.

Harnessing data for better decision-making is needed to increase effectiveness, collaboration, and information-sharing. If you would like to learn more about the power of software tools in data analyticsand practical ways you can use them, we highly recommend that you attend the hands-on workshop'Fast track your monitoring and evaluation using data' (May 24, 2pm) co-hosted by Rainforest Alliance, ISEAL Alliance, and Jochen Kleboth, who is a data scientist at Intact and Wageningen University and the mastermind behind Intact Analytics.

Photo: Jochen Kleboth

Jochen Kleboth is a Business Data Scientist at Intact GmbH and PhD researcher at Wageningen Universtiy (NL) who works with companies of all size to analyze and use data in their favor. Jochen has won several (scientific) awards and scholarships including the best research award at the Food Integrity conference in Parma and is the author of the paper “Risk-based integrity audits in the food chain – A framework for complex systems”. In addition to his work- and research experience, Jochen is a trained auditor and business coach. Click here to learn more about Jochen's and Intact's research or subscribe to Intact's newsletter to regularly receive updates on data science and more.

Your Opportunity to Exchange Know-How

Also, don't miss the opportunity to meet with Intact's integrity and sustainability expert Frank Gerriets. Frank is going to attend all three days of the conference and is looking forward to share his know-how with the ISEAL community and learn about their members' most recent needs and challenges.


Meet Frank Gerriets at the 2018 Global Sustainability Standards Conference in Saõ Paolo.


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