WSDA counts on an  Auditmanagment Software von Intact for its certification processes

Intact and the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)

We would like to use this newsletter to introduce a new customer: the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).


What does the WSDA do?


The Washington State Department of Agriculture has its headquarters in Olympia and serves the people of Washington by supporting the agricultural community and promoting consumer and environmental protection. Its major goals are to:


  • protect and reduce the risk to public health,
  • ensure the safe and legal distribution, use and disposal of pesticides and fertilizers,
  • protect Washington State’s natural resources,
  • and facilitate the movement of Washington agricultural products in domestic and international markets.


The WSDA operates in numerous different areas, among them the Food Safety & Consumer Services Division with its Organic Food Program (OFP). The purpose of this program is to protect consumers, promote the organic food industry and enhance the integrity of organic products. The program assesses the majority (89 %) of all certified organic companies in Washington, carrying out more than 1,200 inspections.


Why Intact?

In 1998, the WSDA implemented an MS Access database in order to enhance both its efficiency and transparency and to facilitate cooperation among its employees. Since then, the number of companies has almost tripled. Today, approximately 1,300 companies and 16 employees work with this database, which now is about to reach its limits. This is why the WSDA consulted Intact.


The WSDA is planning to implement a system that can handle its current size and scope of operations. However, the system must be scalable in order to be able to grow and develop with the WSDA and support the department in achieving its goals. The requirements for the system are clear: to promote cooperation among employees and companies and to enhance the efficiency and precision of the program. By switching to a paperless system, the WSDA expects to save time, cost and storage room and to eliminate sources of error. A brief glance ahead into the future: an interactive web portal for customers, which gives them access to real-time updates and information.


We are really looking forward to realizing this project together with the WSDA and we are proud to support the development of the WSDA and its Organic Food Program.


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