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Intact and ISEAL Alliance – an award-winning Team


ISEAL has a clear mission: to promote sustainability standards for products and services in order to create benefits for people and the environment. We have been following the work and the exciting projects of ISEAL Alliance for many years and are proud to cooperate with a number of ISEAL members.


However, what exactly does ISEAL do? ISEAL Alliance is a global non-governmental organization that is committed to strengthen sustainability standards systems for the benefit of people and the environment. With these sustainability standards, ISEAL adopts a market oriented approach that promotes social, environmental and economic changes as well as improvements in product and service creation. With an ISEAL membership, companies show that they take sustainability seriously, that they produce their goods and service according to these standards and that they are willing to make further sustainable improvements.


Intact and ISEAL members

ISEAL has over 100 members, among them many renowned organizations, operating under the aegis of the alliance. They support the ISEAL principles and join forces to improve their sustainability standards. In the past years, Intact has supported numerous ISEAL members such as FLO-Cert, MSC or ARM with the development and implementation of suitable IT solutions.



Flocert - Fair Trade Certifier Logo

With FLO-Cert, Intact has developed a supply chain mapping tool that illustrates the different supply chains of certified companies including their respective pre-suppliers. Data from the certification process are linked to data from the supply chain in real time. The results are displayed in the form of a traffic light system. At the click of a mouse, industry and trade receive valuable information that helps them to decide if there is any need for action.

Das MSC-Logo des Marine Stewardship Council

With its label, MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is committed to promote sustainable fishing. With the help of their Intact solution, authorized certification bodies ensure that goods carrying the blue MCS label only contain fishery products from sustainable fishing. For that purpose, fisheries (fleets) as well as processing firms (chain of custody) are inspected. Thanks to an optimized data management, consumers can use their smartphones to access certification data in real time. This way, they can be sure that if it says MSC on the outside, it’s MSC on the inside.

Logo - Alliance for Responsible Mining

ARM (Alliance for Responsible Mining) is an organization that promotes sustainable mining of gold and other precious metals. Intact supports ARM with an IT solution that makes the management of certifications simpler and more efficient.

The longstanding cooperation with ISEAL members has made Intact an expert for certifications according to sustainability standards. Intact’s many years of experience and detailed insights into all processes related to audit and certification management (e. g. food safety, ISO and eco-certification), traceability and agriculture management have formed the basis for the development of innovative customer-tailored solutions. A decisive factor for the successful development and implementation of IT systems is a thorough analysis of the goals that shall be achieved with the system. Only solid foundations and a flexible architecture ensure that the system is scalable and thus able to meet both present and future requirements. The field of sustainability certification has always been and still is a very dynamic one, where security of investment and cost efficiency are constantly in the focus. In this respect, Intact has proven to be a reliable and competent partner.


For further information, please visit the ISEAL website.


Additional informationen concerning the cooperation with MSC you will find hereYour are interested in the project with ARM? You will find more information here.



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