Photo: Canal in Amsterdam - Meet Intact Systems at GLOBALG.A.P. Summit 2016 in Amsterdam

GlobalG.A.P. Summit 2016 in Amsterdam

Every two years, GlobalG.A.P. calls leading industry experts and professionals to join their renowned conference – the GlobalG.A.P. Summit. The goal is to foster innovation in food safety and sustainability as well as good agriculture practices. Entirely in this sense, the GlobalG.A.P. Summit 2016 runs under the motto "The Future of Farm Certification". Intact Systems will join the discussion in Amsterdam, of course.


The Future of Farm Certification

The GlobalG.A.P. Summit 2016 takes place in Amsterdam, September 27–28, in the beautiful Beurs van Berlage.

For the industry this is an excellent opportunity to discuss all the latest developments in Food Safety & Sustainability, but also to drive Collaboration and Innovation.

This year's topic – "The Future of Farm Certification" – opens up a broad spectrum of interesting questions and challenges. Have a look at the detailed program.



Photo: Auditor in Corn Field - Envision the Future of Farm Certification


Key Challenges:

  • Collaboration
  • Cross-Linking of Data
  • Transparency by means of Advanced Data Analysis
  • Risk-Based Integrity Management

Food Safety Beyond Certification

Certification is good and necessary when it comes to food safety and sustainability  but it is only the beginning. As fraud becomes ever more problematic, we need to go further. We need to think beyond certification in terms of

  • Real-Time Verification
  • Transparent Supply Chain Mapping & Monitoring
  • Cross-Linking of Data from different Systems
  • Risk-Based Integrity Management

Especially the implementation of a risk-based approach allows for constant improvement, as recent research by Jochen Kleboth shows.

Illustration: Certificate with QR code. Scan the QR code, access the data, and check the authenticity and validity of the certificate.
Certificate Verification with QR Code.
Screenshot: Supply Chain Monitor with Real-Time Data.
Supply Chain Monitor with Integrated Real-Time Status Indicators.

Meet us in Amsterdam …

… to learn more about Integrity Management Solutions


Take the chance to discuss your challenges and possible coping strategies with the experts from Intact Systems. They will happily share their knowledge with you! Just send them a message to schedule your personal meeting.


Meet Frank Gerriets
Global Sales, Intact Systems


Meet Erwin Wassler
Director Sales, Intact Systems


Join the Discussion on Social Media

On Social Media we already kicked off an active discussion and received a lot of interesting and thought-provoking responses. Join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter! Simply follow the #ggsummit2016.


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