Foto: Food Sure Safety & Quality Summit 2017 in Amsterdam — Intact gives you an overview

Food Sure Safety & Quality Summit 2017


For the seventh-time deciders and industry leaders from all over the world meet at this year’s Food Sure Safety & Quality Summit to talk about the future of food safety and quality assurance in the food and beverage industry. As one of the world’s leading experts, Intact Systems will be there as an official Food Sure Partner.


Integrity Management as a Cornerstone for Safety and Quality

From 22nd till 24th of May actual trends and best practices from the industry will be discussed and examined at the Food Sure 2017 in Amsterdam. Industry leaders such as Nestlé, Mondelez, Kraft Heinz and many more will illustrate with which strategies and tools they take care of security and quality in their companies. This is not just about compliance with several standards, but much more about product integrity and brand integrity as a whole.

Besides that, the summits program promises to offer several interesting speeches and discussions which will cover trending key topics as well as challenges and possible approaches to cope with them.

As official Food Sure Partner, Intact will also participate in discussions and present future oriented software solutions and know-how for efficient integrity and risk management. One of the core areas is the efficient and easy execution of audits and certifications. With the right tools, even very complex multi-standard and multi-site audits are no longer a problem. 


New Ways – Employees as Important Safety Factor

Experience shows that—in spite of all technical innovation—humans are still the greatest safety threat. Studies from Kleboth/Strasser (2013) and Verdú Jover/Lloréns Montes/Fuentes Fuentes (2004) have shown just that. They’ve come to the conclusion that even the strictest regulations and controls do not lead to more safety. Often it is quite the opposite, like when their general reasonableness is put into question.

Only when safety is lived actively within the company and is at the core of the company’s culture and values, safety and quality management can unfold to its fullest.


Keeping Track of Supply Chain Management

The requirements with regards to supply chain management have increased strongly within the last few years. It is getting more and more important to be able to transparently map out products’ supply chains without gaps and identify occurring risks and quality problems as soon as they occur to counter them as straightforward as possible. With the Supply Chain Monitor in Ecert, Intact Systems offers a powerful tool which accesses real-time data and automatically notifies users in case of deviations. This allows you to ensure the integrity of your supply chain and conduct active risk management.


Meet Intact Systems at the Food Sure Summit

Use this great opportunity to talk to our experts in person. We are ready to support you with all our know-how and are looking forward to welcoming you at booth 22. Secure an appointment with us right here:

Button with mail to; Betreff „Meeting at Food Sure Summit 2017“

Of course, we are also accessible via social media if you can’t be on location. We are happy to hear from you! All information circulates under the hashtag #fseu17 or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


  • Kleboth, J., & Strasser, A. (2013). Food safety- and quality management schemes – Towards a harmonized concept concerning FSSC 22000, BRC global standard for food safety 6 and international featured standard for food 6. Vienna: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.
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We also addet some of the, in our opinion, most interesting keynote speeches in the list below.

The Most Interesting Talks & Discussions at the Food Sure Summit 2017

Plenary Discussion about Food Supply Chain

22.05.2017 | 17:10 – 18:00

In this session, members of "Which?", "FMO", "Sealed Air", and " Wageningen University & Research" are talking about the necessary measures to prepare for a growing world population. They will also discuss possibilities for manufacturers to optimize their supply chains and how quality management tools can be utilized in this process.


Case Study by Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

23.05.2017 | 09:15 – 09:55

The "Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company" gives insights on risk management solutions in the production of beverages sensitive to microorganism spoilage. One of the risk management applications out there is Intact's software solution Ecert which helps to keep an eye on audits and ensure a fully functional production chain.

Case Study by Coop

24.05.2017 | 14:10 – 14:40

On the summit's third and last day we would like to point out a case study by Coop about how to conduct ethics audits on suppliers in the food industry. This is something we already pointed out further up in this article—namely the need of getting employees personally involved in production safety and ethics matters in your company.


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