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The Ecert Supply Chain Monitor


Have you ever asked yourself which unique benefits you can provide for your clients or how you can ensure the integrity of your certification services or labels across the entire supply chain? We have your answer – the new Supply Chain Monitor in Ecert!


This module will allow you and your clients to stay up-to-date on suppliers and will even provide a notification in real-time if the certification status of any of the suppliers changes. Besides that, the Supply Chain Monitor can also be used for risk management, helping you to identify risk points in the supply chains. Achieving transparency has never been easier!


Let’s take a closer look at the details:

In Ecert Supply Chain Monitor enables you to ensure the integrity of products, brands and labels. Users can build their supply chains from the very first stage up to the point-of-sale and monitor the certification statuses of all suppliers and clients thanks to a simple traffic light system. The big advantage of such a system is the “real-time” information. Paper certificates can still show a “valid” certification status even if this has already been suspended or withdrawn in the meantime. The Supply Chain Monitor will help you to save time when you want to validate the certificates of your suppliers. There is no longer any need to call the certification body of the supplier. Moreover, these real-time status updates will help to reduce the risk of buying noncertified products.




  •  Great new user-friendly user interface
  •  Dashboard with custom widgets
  •  Supply chain lists with easy to understand “traffic light system”
  •  Supply chain graph which visualizes the entire supply network
  •  Custom real-time email notifications on status changes and other events

Screenshot - Ecert Supply Chain Monitor for monitoring the integrity of supply chains

Screenshot - Supply Chain Monitor Dashboard for monitoring your own supply chains


For a better understanding check out the following two examples:

General example of a certification body

As a certification body, the Supply Chain Monitor will enable you to offer your clients a unique service and a competitive edge since hardly any of your competitors will be able to do the same. Your clients can add all the suppliers which you have certified to different supply chains and ensure that they buy only from suppliers with valid certificates. At the same time, you as well as interested 3rd parties, like public authorities, also have the possibility to monitor entire supply chains or specific companies. As mentioned above, the module can also be used for risk management by setting up audits based on the risk of the supply chain. This will strengthen the integrity of your certification service, will gain you a huge competitive advantage and will be a great help for doing risk-based audit management.


Specific example of a standard setter with a consumer-facing label

As a standard setter you want to secure the integrity of your label and want to avoid your label getting involved in any public fraud case. For this purpose, you can provide this module to all your certificate holders. Each certificate holder can build multiple supply chains for different products. This will allow them to be always up-to-date on the certification status of your label as well as the status of all suppliers across all levels. They will no longer need to look up any web directory or call any certification bodies for this information. Moreover, you as a standard setter will get to know the supply chains of all products showing your label. You can also use this module to strengthen the end-consumers’ trust in your label. For this purpose you can, for example, publish the product origins or even entirely anonymized supply chains on your website.


More Information

If you have further questions or you are interested in the module and want to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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