Conducting an Audit Project in an Storehouse

Master your Audit Projects with Ecert


With the new Audit Projects module, ECERT delivers an amazing feature for a simple and efficient management of bundles of audit orders that belong together. The module supports you at getting a complete overview of the entire audit round from start to finish. Multiple audit orders with different dates and places, different auditor teams and even different standards can now be bundled to one audit project with a designated project manager. With predefined templates for a quick and easy setup of new projects, this module will assist you in achieving your objectives of being on time, within budget, utilizing and assigning resources effectively and efficiently!


Key features of Audit Projects


The Dashboard

Audit Projects has its own dashboard, outlining the key people involved in the audit round and their responsibilities. The dashboard further includes planned start and finish dates and allows the project manager/planner to quickly identify or set project milestones.

Screenshot - Audit-Project Dashboard

Audit Projects: Screenshot Audit Orders

Audit Orders

The project manager can easily create new audit orders for a project or simply choose from existing ones. An overview of the included audit orders is given on a separate tab. It outlines the key information on each audit, including client/site, audit date, type of service, audit type, workflow status and name of the auditor.


Non Conformities & Corrective Actions

Because of the overview of all non-conformities and corrective actions identified in any of the audit orders within a project, project managers can easily keep their focus on any non-conformity, ensuring proper audit and project integrity!


Task Management

Achieving project goals needs a proper task management for your staff. With project tasks, you can create tasks, link them to milestones and assign them to the staff member responsible.

Screenshot of the Task Management in Audit Projects


Project Communication

All correspondence and files can be linked to the project for greater transparency. All functionalities from the well-known ECERT Correspondence are available in this feature. And even more: When creating e-mails within a project, you can choose from predefined e-mail templates. Writing e-mails is now quicker than ever before!


List of Auditors

ECERT automatically creates a full list of contact details of all auditors found in the audit orders on a separate tab. Getting in contact with the audit team has become pretty simple.


Project Templates

To minimize the effort for setting up projects, you can now predefine project templates. For each template, you can set own milestones and tasks and make them available for defined inspection bodies or departments.


Visual Gantt chart

Use Gantt Charts (timeline chart) to set up schedules and monitor the progress of your projects. An export function (PDF and image) facilitates reporting and accelerate the distribution of information.


The Audit Projects module gives you a complete overview of the entire audit round from start to finish and provides maximum transparency!

If you want to learn more about Audit Projects, do not hesitate to contact us.



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