Have All Figures Available – with the Analysis Tools in Ecert

Have All Figures Available – with the Analysis Tools in Ecert

Analyses, evaluation, and benchmarking are the foundation of every executives' decisions. Be it CEOs, regional managers, quality managers, or other executives – they need their relevant facts and figures at hand to make informed decisions. The new analysis features in Ecert can support them in this.


We All Have Data – but Do We Use It?

Every business involved in quality and audit management already has large quantities of different data and information – from simple contact details of clients and suppliers to complex audit data collected before, during, and after an audit. But what happens with this data? Does it get used to actively analyse and benchmark the status quo of processes, risks, etc. so that experts and executives can make informed, data-driven decisions?

In many cases, data is collected over months and years to then, unfortunately, disappear on different servers. Some is completely forgotten, other data is rediscovered at some point and prepared in MS Excel, Google Sheets, or similar applications for further use with much effort. If the amounts of data you have to deal with is rather small, this approach can be a viable solution that delivers good results. However, once we start to talk about larger amounts of data (or even big data), tools like these quickly reach their limits.


Databases, Automation, and Lucid Dashboards

To handle big amounts of data, managing it in a database-driven system is the most effective and efficient option you have. In Ecert – our database-driven solution for audit, certification, and integrity management–, all contact, audit, and certification data is automatically stored and linked to make sure that you never lose sight of it. Your most important data and key indicators are readily available via a number of graphical and interactive dashboards and analysis widgets. Thus, it is easy to analyze, compare, and evaluate your data at a glance. Compare different companies or business departments, benchmark your suppliers and contractors, and deduce measures for improvement.

For optimal performance, you can organize your dashboard widgets according to your individual needs. In combination with Ecert's audit checklist manager, data can be categorized in the exact way you need it as soon as it is entered into the system. This is the ideal foundation for any subsequent analysis, becuase the data collected in the individual audits is then analyzed and represented according to the categories selected.




Further Information

If you are interested to learn more about Ecert and its advanced analysis features, feel free to contact us! We will gladly discuss all relevant details with you.



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