Picture: Carola Deutsch in front of her mural in Intact's new Social Room

A New Social Room for Intact

While part of the company was in the USA at Intact Summit, a lot has happened at the headquarters of Intact in Lebring. Together with her sister Sabrina Deutsch, the world-famous artist Carola Deutsch embellished the walls of the new social room of the Lebring-based software company with her unique art. But of course a wall painting is not enough, a new kitchen, a dart machine and a variety of seating invite you to linger.


A Feast for the Eyes

After a total of 14 new colleagues were admitted this year, the need for a place of exchange and informal gatherings had become ever greater. A space that could meet the requirements of the new "Social Room" was quickly found and planning could begin.

Intact was fortunate enough to win DECASA Kreativstudio for the artistic accompaniment of the "Social Room" project at the Lebring headquarters of the software company. DECASA, which was founded in 2012 by the two sisters Carola and Sabrina Deutsch, impresses with its unusual, creative approach to a wide variety of topics in the fields of design, tattoo and art. In recent years, the two have already been able to implement projects worth seeing for companies such as Red Bull, in the form of the City Beach in Graz, or the courtyard of Anton Paar GmbH. With great confidence, the creative people were therefore given a completely free hand for the realisation of their masterpiece.

DECASA's approach was to integrate the nature surrounding the company building into the newly created lounge and to bring the formerly monotonous walls to life with vibrant colors. The central motif of the fox stands for the qualities that Intact as a company also transports and lives. Foxes are great survivors who can learn quickly, grasp complex interrelationships and put their knowledge into practice in a flash. As adaptable survival artists, they are at home all over the world—from major cities like Berlin to the Arctic Circles. The Fox is thus also an incentive to find intelligent solutions and strategies and to continually increase our store of knowledge.


The Stomach Also Wants Some of It

Of course, the Social Room wasn't just about art. Right from the first planning phase, the focus was on the aspect of social interaction. At Intact, lunch is traditionally taken together, either in one of the surrounding restaurants or in the company itself. As a result of the encouraging growth of the company, the existing kitchens and lounges simply could not provide enough space for the many employees. For this reason, a new central room had to be created.

A large-scale kitchen now offers plenty of opportunity to prepare meals and chat over lunch. In addition to two large dining tables for at least 16 people, a couch invites you to linger and relax. The whole thing is rounded off by a dart machine, which enjoys great popularity and is regularly used for internal company competitions.

Picture: Social Room in Full

Our New Social Room In Lebring

Picture: Social Room in Lebring

A Place To Rest, Eat and Play

Picture: Dining area of the new Social Room

The Heart and Soul

Picture: Opening ceremony with all employees at the Lebring headquarters

Die große Eröffnung

The Reason for All This

As already mentioned, social interaction is one of the essential cornerstones of Intact's corporate culture—not only as a guiding principle, but actively lived. The great growth of the company has not stopped that. On the contrary, the new colleagues have already settled in well and the new Social Room finally offers a suitable place for social exchange away from the desk and meeting rooms.


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