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TVFA - efficient certifcation of building materials


The Institute of Technology and Testing of Building Materials and its affiliated Institute for Testing and Research in Materials Technology (TVFA) has many areas of responsibility. As regards teaching, the institute is responsible for the entire spectrum of building materials used in building construction, civil engineering, and infrastructure construction. The affiliated TVFA is concerned with the examination and inspection of metallic and non-metallic building materials, construction chemistry and calibration. Following the successful completion of an audit in February 2014, carried out by Akkreditierung Austria, TVFA-ZERT is now an accredited product certification body.


Initial situation

Creating a simple and efficient certification process and facilitating the work of the auditors – these were the main reasons why TVFA-ZERT decided to implement a professional IT system for its inspection and certification tasks. The inspection and certification process needed to be integrated into the system and handled electronically. Additionally, a well-structured data management was required.


Solution: Implementing an audit- and certification management database

In order to adapt Ecert to all requirements and needs of TVFA-ZERT, a number of different modules was implemented. The entire inspection and certification process can now be handled electronically. Certificates are issued automatically and a report system informs the user in case of any certification status changes. Automated billing and numerous interfaces for the exchange of the data stored facilitate the communication with customers and partners. Thanks to all these features, data input errors are almost entirely eliminated. Furthermore, the electronic handling enhances the efficiency of the inspection and certification process and optimizes all internal processes.



“The successful accreditation of TVFA-ZERT as product certification body prompted us to purchase a professional IT solution. With Intact, we found a partner who joined forces with us to implement a system that is perfectly tailored to our needs and allows us to organize our inspection and certification process in a highly efficient manner.”
Enrico Eustacchio, Ao.Univ.-Prof.i.R. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn., Head of the certification body TVFA-ZERT

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