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NASAA - High quality organic certification in Australia


The National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) is one of Australia’s leading certifiers and inspection body for organic products, with customers in Australia, Asia and Oceania. NASAA is particularly proud of its leadership position and the high quality of its services.


Initial situation

The main requirements of NASAA were to obtain a better overview, to facilitate the allocation of auditors and to avoid data entry errors. Despite having suitable structures and processes it was very hard to maintain an overview of the numerous inspections carried out at home and abroad and to observe the processing status of customer records.

Furthermore, the allocation of inspections was very time-consuming because the qualification of the employees plays a major role and needs to be considered. A new software solution should be able to depict existing processes, support the standardization of processes, allow an even quicker customer response and eliminate data entry errors.


Implementation of the audit- and certification management software

Thanks to Ecert, NASAA is now able to handle its entire inspection and certification process electronically. Additionally, the software Ecert Offline was installed. This program allows auditors to conduct mobile audits. By implementing a check mechanism for the allocation of audits both the qualification of auditors as well as geographical preferences are compared with the companies to be audited. This accelerates the process considerably.

With all these modules data entry errors are almost completely eliminated. Thanks to the offline version of Ecert, auditors no longer need to enter their data manually after conducting an audit, which saves a lot of time. The fully electronic handling of all processes related to inspection and certification as well as invoicing led to a considerable improvement of customer service and internal processes.



“The handling of our audits was becoming increasingly difficult and complex. Therefore, our major concern was to find an IT solution that would simplify these processes and help us in handling them. Thanks to the optimization of our processes we are now ready to grow further. This gives us great pleasure.”
Ben Copeman, General Manager of NASAA

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