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Coop Switzerland - efficient Audit management
and supplier rating with Ecert


Coop is the second largest retail cooperative in Switzerland, operates more than 1,200 shops and employs approximately 75,000 people. As far as organic and fair trade products are concerned, Coop is the clear market leader and also claims to be the best and most customer-oriented retailer in Switzerland. In order to maintain and continually improve this position in the long run, an efficient internal quality control is a key success factor for Coop.


Initial situation

Coop’s basic requirement regarding its new software for internal audit management was that the IT solution should be user-friendly and enable decentralized access. The solution was supposed to facilitate the administration of checklists, the planning and allocation of audits and the electronic recording of the inspection results. Moreover, a paperless data administration and comprehensive evaluation possibilities were needed to enable benchmarking on different levels in order to determine targeted measures for quality improvement.


Solution - Implementing an integrated audit management system

Ecert meets the requirements of Coop and enables the handling of the processes in a user-friendly and multilingual way. 

An interface with the central business software SAP facilitates the transfer of master data from the Coop branch which is to be inspected and also automatically handles the continuous updating of address data, responsibilities and assortment data. Checklists can also be processed in entirely electronic form. Only those questions which are significant for the inspected branch are actually displayed, allowing the auditor to work more efficiently. Thanks to the extensive evaluation of the results the branches can be evaluated according to the national average, sales region, guidelines, checkpoints, categories, etc.

All these modules ensure that data entry errors are next to impossible and that the processes for the internal audits are designed more efficiently. The fully electronic handling ensures that all results are quickly accessible and clearly structured. The benchmarking facilitates quality improvements and supports Coop to maintain its position as market leader.

“Ecert is our central tool for the qualification of our business partners and our sales outlets. Now we always have a clear overview of all inspection results and measures applied and the possibility to evaluate them adequately.”
Andreas Dörr, Head of QS Food Coop

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