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FoodChain ID Certification

FoodChain ID Certification - Certification of Food Safety Standards
at the highest Level


FoodChain ID Certification (formerly known as CERT ID) has been operating as certification body in the food industry since 1999 with the main goal to provide the best customer oriented service in this field. Its customers include various food producers, trade businesses and suppliers. FoodChain ID Certification offers food safety certification according to GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards, e.g. the food safety standard BRC Global Standard or the Safe Quality Foods Program (SQF).

Initial situation of FoodChain ID Certification

An optimized certification process and a well-structured data management system were FoodChain ID’s main requirements on their new software solution. FoodChain ID Certification operates in an area where they need to keep detailed records of all certified customers. For this, it is imperative to meet deadlines, plan audits and conduct certifications according to specific standards.

Solution: Implementation of the audit management software

Thanks to the implementation of Ecert, these requirements can now be met. Processes have been optimized and the data overview has been simplified.
With the help of Ecert’s certification workflow the central availability of all data accumulated in the course of the certification process is now guaranteed. The system allows an automatic issue of certificates. Its interfaces facilitate electronic data exchange and communication.

Through the implementation of Ecert, FoodChain ID Certification could enhance their efficiency and can now dedicate more time to focus on the needs of their customers. Thus, FoodChain ID Certification is capable of providing the best possible service.


“At FoodChain ID Certification we take the time to listen to each of our client’s unique certification requirements so that we can provide the optimal tools and resources for their audit preparation. Delivering client-centred service is a primary goal of FoodChain ID’s.
Rhonda Wellik, CEO of FoodChain ID Certification

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