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bio.inspecta - Neutral, independent and innovative


bio.inspecta – neutral and independent like its home country. Founded in 1998 in Switzerland, bio.inspecta today inspects and certifies more than 80% of all organic farms and more than 1,000 traders and processors of organic products in Switzerland. bio.inspecta’s top priority is a consistent certification process for production, trade and processing in order to strengthen the credibility of organic products.


Initial situation of bio.inspecta

The main reason for bio.inspecta to implement a professional IT solution was to make the certification workflow more efficient and to improve customer services. bio.inspecta wanted the inspections and certifications, the management of penalties and deadlines as well as the related invoicing process all to be handled fully electronically.


Solution: The implementation of an audit- and certification management software

Thanks to implementing Ecert bio.inspecta is now able to handle its inspection and certification workflow in an entirely electronic and multilingual (German, French and Italian) manner. Moreover, “Ecert Offline” was implemented and now enables auditors to carry out mobile audits. The efficient handling of penalties and deadlines was also solved by means of a special module which ensures that penalties or deadlines imposed on customers are automatically transferred to Ecert. The “Just-in-time” certificate feature of Ecert now allows customers to download and print out their certificate immediately after their certification was successfully approved.

All these modules ensure that data entry errors are next to impossible. Moreover, auditors safe a considerable amount of time with the offline auditing since they no longer need to enter the data manually after the audits. The fully electronic handling of the inspection and certification workflow and invoicing has significantly improved customer services and optimized the internal processes.



“The credibility of organic products is our top priority and an absolutely reliable software system provides the basis to achieve this.”
Ueli Steiner, CEO of bio.inspecta

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