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Austria Bio Garantie Gruppe

Austria Bio Garantie Gruppe - the pioneer in organic certification


Austria Bio Garantie Gruppe (ABG) is the leading Austrian inspection body for organic products. Founded in 1993, ABG has become Austria’s largest inspection body for organic products. There are also subsidiaries in Hungary (Hungaria Öko Garancia), Romania (Austria Bio Garantie Romania), and Croatia (Austria Bio Garantie Croatia). In total, AGB operates on behalf of the food safety authorities and provides its services to about 15,000 contractors from the farming, processing, and trading sector.

Initial situation of ABG

A strengthened market position and improved customer services were the main reasons why ABG decided to invest in a professional inspection and certification system. ABG wanted to be able to handle inspections and certifications in a safer and more efficient way. It was important that the data only needed to be recorded once and could then be exchanged electronically between ABG and its partner organizations. Moreover, the inspection workflow was to become fully electronic and the invoicing process entirely automatic.


Solution - Implementation of the audit- and certification management system

In order to adapt Ecert to all the requirements and needs of ABG various modules were implemented. In addition to the administration of data regarding pasture and cultivation areas, plant varieties, animals and products, the entire customer communication is now also handled electronically. Moreover, certificates are now issued fully automatically and a notification service provides information about changes in the certification status. The automatic invoicing as well as numerous interfaces for the electronic data exchange significantly simplify the communication with customers and partners.

All these features ensure that data entry errors are next to impossible. Moreover, the electronic handling of the inspection workflow significantly improved customer services and optimized the internal processes.



“At present ABG has approx. 15,000 ongoing inspection contracts and collaborations with Europe’s leading inspection bodies as well as countless international contacts. Thus, it is important for us to work with a system that integrates our partners so that we can benefit from the resulting synergies and access new markets.”
Hans Matzenberger, CEO of Austria Bio Garantie Gruppe

Further Happy Customers


bio.inspecta is a leading inspection and certification body for organic products in Switzerland.


FLOCERT is an independent international inspection and certification body that is most known as a certifier for FAIRTRADE.

CCOF - California Certified Organic Farmers
CCOF - California Certified Organic Farmers

CCOF was founded in California, and thus was one of the first inspection bodies for organic products in the US.

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