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Exciting developments are not only going on at our clients but also at Intact itself. This press corner provides lots of information for downloading about our company, our latest press releases, photos, logos as well as excerpts from media reports about Intact from the last couple of years.


Intact in the media

Spirit of StyriaGrowth with Control

2017-10-01. Detailed article about the goals and plans of Intact GmbH.

PDF Download (German)
Kleine ZeitungSoftware Forge and Seal Specialist

2017-11-25. An overview of Intact in the Austrian Newspaper "Kleine Zeitung".

PDF Download (German)
USA: database for organic processing operations

2015-09-01. Intact consults USDA at the developement of their "Organic Integrity Platform".

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Die FleischereiIndustry software: effective data management
PDF Download (German)
Lebensmittel TechnologieManagement of supply chains
PDF Download (German)
Die FleischereiIT solution: Gapless traceability
PDF Download (German)
Bio marketOrganic inspections: system with residual risk?
PDF Download (German)
Bio marketNew Corporate Identity for Intact
PDF Download (German)
aiz.infoNew quality assurance platform for organic food products
PDF Download (German)
agrarheute.comGlobal integrity platform against organic fraud
PDF Download (German)
Kleine ZeitungStrict rules for the meat industry
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Georg Karner

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