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Our special module for quality management in agricultural production

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The quality management solution for agricultural products ...

Since more and more consumers shop with awareness, they are looking for products they can trust. For you as a producer, quality management and quality assurance are therefore given top priority. Precise documentation of the entire production process will create confidence in your products and enable you to react promptly in case of a crisis. We support you in handling production data from different farmers in a clear and easy manner. Use our software to enhance the quality of your agricultural products, manage production operations and improve cooperation with your associated farm businesses.

  Boost the quality of your products

Benchmarking analyses

Compare different farms with each other and use the analysis results to motivate them to deliver an even higher quality.

Screenshot: Benchmarking analyses

Screenshot: analyses for agricultural consultants

Analyses for agricultural consultants

Perform comprehensive evaluations of individual farms for your consultants. This will help them to increase their efficiency, enhancing both the safety and quality of your farmers’ products.

White lists

Manage all currently allowed fertilizers and plant protection products, pharmaceuticals and feedstuffs for your quality programs in white lists to ensure that only these are used.

Screenshot: white lists

Screenshot: online farm book

Online farm book

Your farmers can collect all data on agricultural production in an online farm book – ranging from cultivation or stabling to fertilizers or animal feeds all the way to harvesting or slaughtering. This will form an ideal basis for further analyses and evaluations.

Manage production operations and offer unique services

Cultivation, harvesting and sales planning

Thanks to the cultivation, harvesting and sales planning you are always informed about the production operations of each farm business. The vegetation plan shows you exactly when a fruit, vegetable or grain was sown, handled and harvested.

Screenshot: Cultivation, harvesting, and sales planning

Screenshot: stabling, livestock, and slaughter management

Stabling, livestock and slaughter management

Thanks to the stabling, livestock and slaughter management you are always informed about the production operations of each farm business. You will know exactly when an animal was introduced and when it was slaughtered.

Feedback on quality and delivery data

Provide farmers with analyses and evaluations of the quality of the products delivered by them. With this kind of feedback you identify possibilities for improvement and thus support your suppliers.

Screenshot: feedback on quality and delivery data

Screenshot: support farmers to get certified

Support farmers to get certified

By collecting all available production data you also support farmers who wish to obtain certification. Forward the data to the farmers and facilitate their certification process.

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