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Why do standard setters & certification program owners rely on the Ecert database?

Both integrity and quality of a standard are of topmost importance and, therefore, the protection against fraud and misuse is a key success factor. The up-to-dateness of the data which you receive from your certification bodies as well as the database management are crucial. Ecert allows you to administrate this data in a clear way and also strengthens the confidence in your quality seal by means of public product, supplier and certificate searches.

  Increase the integrity of your quality seal and strengthen the consumer confidence

Certificate holder management

With Ecert, you always have an overview of the current certification status of all your certificate holders, be it on enterprise, product or scope level. For this purpose, the database is constantly kept up to date and can be accessed via the internet. Thus, all stakeholders can easily interconnect, exchange data and share a wide range of tools and services.

Screenshot of Ecert: certificate holder management

Screenshot of Ecert: portal for control and certification bodies

Portal for control & certification bodies

This portal facilitates the decentral online data input of control and certification bodies and thus provides your system continuously with the latest data from audits and certifications.

Interfaces (APIs) to certification bodies

Automated interfaces spare your certification bodies the effort of double data input, reduce possible error sources and gather all data in your database in real time.

Interfaces: Flocert, bio inspecta, CertID , SCS Global Services, Australian Organic, Ecocert

Illustration: certificate guard - e-mail notifications

Certificate guard

Use this module to receive an automatic notification as soon as the certification status of one of your certificate holders changes. This way you can ensure that only currently certified companies actually carry your quality seal.

Transparency creates confidence

Supply chain traceability

Make this special tool available to your certified companies for the administration of their direct suppliers or for entire supply chains. In case of any changes regarding the certification status they are immediately notified and can, therefore, react swiftly.

Upon request, we offer complete traceability solutions. For more detailed information please click the button below.

Screenshot of Ecert: supply chain traceability by means of the supply chain graph

Screenshot: public certificate and product inquiry

Public certificate & product inquiry

Give both stakeholders and consumers the possibility to search for the current certification status of any enterprise or product online and at any time. This way, purchasers and stakeholders can easily find suitable suppliers and partners. Consumers, on the other hand, feel more secure when they can search for certified products. This enhances their confidence in your quality label and improves the recognition of your standard.

Certificate Trading

For standards that facilitate the separate trading of products and certificates, the certificate trading module offers a comfortable and safe way to sell quantity certificates. Your certificate holders gain more flexibility in trading their goods and at the same time can guarantee the integrity of your standard.

Illustration: certificate trading

Simplify your internal procedures

Turnover declaration

With this module you can record the turnover of your licensees down to product level and calculate license fees for the use of your label automatically.

Screenshot aus Ecert: Umsatzdeklaration

Photo: license fees

License fees

Simply draw up invoices based on the existing master data or the turnover declaration of the customer. The status overview always provides the current invoicing status of the individual licensees.

Checklist designer

The checklist designer serves to flexibly draw up the checklists for your standards. Any necessary changes can be handled in a quick and simple manner and auditors as well as certification bodies can always be provided with the latest version of the checklists.

Screenshot of Ecert: checklist designer


Further highlights for standard setters & certification program owners


Icon: deviations and corrective measures

Deviations & corrective measures

Analyze deviations and corrective measures that your certification bodies recorded and draw relevant insights from them to further improve your standard.

Icon: e-mail notification

Configurable notifications

Decide for yourself when specific groups of persons are informed about events or approaching deadlines.

Icon: beaker

Samples & laboratory analysis

Manage all samples taken from audits and inspections and record the corresponding analysis results.

Icon: documents

Document management

All documents are centrally stored and versioned in the file manager. Thus, they are available for anyone at any time and any place.

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