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Internal audit and compliance management with Ecert

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What makes our software perfect for the internal audit management and compliance management?

There are always more quality and safety standards which have to be met for internal purposes. Moreover, the product quality of your suppliers is a major factor for the quality of your own products. Ecert significantly simplifies your internal audit and compliance management. Dedicate less time to writing and editing reports and instead target deviations, corrective measures or improvement suggestions and thus ensure the product quality of your suppliers.


  Make your internal audits more efficient

Audit planning

Draw up the entire audit plan already at the beginning of the year and adapt it regularly as necessary. Administrate the qualifications of your auditors and record workshops and trainings.

Screenshot of Ecert: audit planning

Graphic: transparent workflow

Transparent workflow

The entirely transparent workflow of the software enables you to keep track of the status of your internal audits and handle them in a faster and more cost-efficient way.

Multi-standard checklists

Use multi-standard checklists to conduct audits according your own as well as to external quality and safety standards with only one combined checklist, thus reducing costs and efforts. The reports and evaluations which you receive will, of course, again be divided up into the different standards.

Screenshot of Ecert: multi-standard checklists

Photo: auditor fills in checklist on tablet during a mobile audit

Mobile audits for your auditors 

Ecert Onsite allows auditors to complete checklists on-site even without internet access – the reports are later automatically synchronized with the system. Thus, your auditors are spared the tedious work of computerizing the data from their paper-checklists and audit reports.

Risk-based audit management 

Classify your products and processes according to risk groups and use the evaluations from previous audits to carry out such classifications even more accurately in the future.

Screenshot of Ecert: risk-based audit management

Ensure the product quality of your suppliers

Supplier audits

No matter whether your suppliers just need to fulfil your own internal standards or standards which are recognized around the globe. Use Ecert for a quicker and more efficient supplier management and check out which suppliers meet your high quality and safety standards.

Screenshot of Ecert: supplier audits

Screenshot aus Ecert: Selbstauskünfte


Give your suppliers the chance to make a self-assessment by means of a simplified checklist. This way the subsequent supplier audits can be handled in a more cost-efficient and time-saving manner.

Supplier approval for purchasers

Use the supplier approval to additionally secure your purchases. Suppliers are evaluated and approved by your auditors before purchasers can actually buy their products.

Screenshot of Ecert: supplier approval for purchasers

Screenshot of Ecert: deveations and measures

Deviations & corrective measures

This module allows you to keep track of all deviations and corrective measures resulting from the supplier audits and to follow their status in the simplest manner. Confusing Excel tables and to-do lists are a thing of the past!

Supplier portal

Use the online supplier portal to offer your suppliers an additional service. There, they can check out all audits, reports and relevant contact persons and also keep their master data and products always up-to-date.

Screenshot of Ecert: supplier portal

Other delightful features of Ecert

Comprehensive statistics & analyses

Get a quick overview of the status of your current audits and the most frequent deviations. Calculate the degrees of fulfilment and perform benchmark analyses. Customized reports and KPIs allow you to control your company even more efficiently.

Screenshot of Ecert: comprehensive statistics and analyses

Screenshot of Ecert: document management

Document management

The document administration tool allows you to have all necessary documents such as checklists, audit dates, audit results or deviations and corrective measures readily available in the system. This also goes for external audits.

Interfaces (APIs)

Via integrated interfaces (SAP, Quickbooks, etc.) our software can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT landscape and thus works smoothly with your other applications.

Schnittstellen: SAP, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office 365, intuit QuickBooks, WUFOO, salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics


Furhter highlights for efficient internal audit and compliance management


Icon: gantt chart

Audit projects

Large and complex audit projects using several standards or locations are easily handled in Ecert with the audit projects module.

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Configurable notifications

Decide for yourself when specific groups of persons are informed about events or approaching deadlines.

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