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Ecert – the software for inspection & certification bodies

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Why do inspection & certification bodies rely on Ecert?

The daily challenges of an inspection and certification body are manifold – increasing numbers of standards and quality seals, simultaneous auditing of different standards, choosing qualified auditors and operating worldwide using several languages. We have developed Ecert to help you stay on top of all these challenges and make the audit and certification process as efficient as possible also in international business relations. This software facilitates the collection and evaluation of huge amounts of data in a well-structured way.


  Enhance the efficiency of your audit and certification processes

Quotations and proposals

Create tailor-made quotations and proposals for your customers as flexible as with Microsoft Word but with the advantages offered by a central CRM system. Whether you need to prepare ad-hoc quotations on short notice or more complex tenders for audit projects with various standards and locations: with Ecert you can create and manage your quotations in no time at all.

Photo: quotation

Screenshot of Ecert: audit planning

Audit planning

Plan your audit period in advance and make sure the qualifications of your auditors are adequate for the requirements of the respective audits.

Transparent workflow

The entirely transparent and flexible workflow of the software facilitates the handling of your internal processes and enables you to keep continuously track of the status of your audits and certifications. Thus, your audits will be handled faster and more cost-efficient.

Graphic: transparent workflow

Screenshot of Ecert: deveations and measures

Deviations & measures 

This module allows you to keep track of all deviations, corrective measures and suggestions for improvement and to follow their status in the simplest manner. Confusing Excel tables and to-do lists are a thing of the past!

Comprehensive statistics & analyses 

Get a quick overview of the status of your current audits and the most frequent deviations. Calculate the degrees of fulfilment and perform benchmark analyses. Customized reports and KPIs allow you to control your company even more efficiently.

Screenshot of Ecert: comprehensive statistics and analyses

Screenshot of Ecert: integrated and automated invoicing

Integrated and automated invoicing

Generate invoices based on existing quotes or data related to a specific customer or audit. APIs (application programming interfaces) to numerous financial accounting systems facilitate a smooth integration into your existing IT landscape.

A true delight for your customers and auditors

Online customer portal 

With the online customer portal you can offer your customers a unique service. They can access all audits including reports, current certificate status, and related invoices at any time. If required, they can even be involved in the handling of open deviations and corrective measures.

Screenshot of Ecert: online customer portal

Screenshot of Ecert: "Just-in-time" certificates

"Just-in-time" certificates

Make the certificates available to your customer for download immediately after approval. The time-consuming process of generating such certificates is clearly a thing of the past. After the certification process was successfully approved your customers are notified by e-mail and can immediately download and print out their certificate.

Web portal for auditors

With our web portal for auditors, you can manage all steps of your audit assignments via a web browser, from acceptance and execution to their successful completion. You don't need to install any extra software. All your checklists, including any deviations and corrective measures, can be filled in online.

Screenshot of Ecert: web portal for auditors

Photo: auditor fills in checklist on tablet.

Mobile audits

With Ecert Onsite, you don't need internet access to perform audits. All files and documents can be made available offline and automatically synchronized with the system at a later point in time. Thus, your auditors are spared the tedious work of computerizing the data from their paper checklists and audit reports.

Multi-standard checklists

Use multi-standard checklists to conduct audits according to various different standards simultaneously with only one combined checklist, thus reducing costs and efforts. The reports and evaluations which you receive will, of course, again be divided up into the different standards.

Screenshot of Ecert: multi-standard checklists

Ensure the integrity of your services

Certificates with QR code

Protect yourself against the possible forgery of your certificates by using QR codes. A simple scan of these QR codes with a smartphone is enough to check their authenticity and validity.

Illustration: certificate with QR code. Scan the QR code, access the data, and check the authenticity and validity of the certificate.

Screenshot: public certificate and product inquiry

Public certificate & product inquiry

The public certificate directory enables everyone to check the current status of your customers’ certificates. As a consequence, purchasers and stakeholders can search for adequate suppliers and partners more efficiently. Furthermore, consumers can search for certified products and, thus, make an informed and secure purchase decision.

Auditor qualifications

Thanks to its integrated checks, the system automatically establishes which auditors have the qualification necessary to audit the respective company and, therefore, reduces your efforts.

Screenshot form Ecert: auditor qualifications

Facilitate your accreditation

Central availability of all customer data

Use Ecert to guarantee the continuous availability of all data regarding your international customers such as audit reports, certification statuses or deviations and corrective measures. It is also possible to include local subsidiaries or branches by means of the multi-client capability.

Screenshot of Ecert: central availability of all customer data

Interfaces: IFS, FSC, BRC Global Standards, Non-GMO Project, MSC, GLOBALG.A.P.

Interfaces (APIs) to legislators
and standard setters

Interfaces guarantee the simple transfer of data to legislators and standard setters. This allows you to optimize your internal procedures and avoid errors due to repeated data input.


Further highlights for control and certification bodies


Icon: gantt chart

Audit projects

Large and complex audit projects using several standards or locations are easily handled in Ecert with the audit projects module.

Icon: e-mail

Configurable notifications

Decide for yourself when specific groups of persons are informed about events or approaching deadlines.

Icon: beaker

Samples & laboratory analyses

Manage all samples taken from audits and inspections and record the corresponding analysis results.

Icon: documents

Document management

All documents are centrally stored and versioned in the file manager. Thus, they are available for anyone at any time and any place.

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